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28TH 2014 FESPA China Screen Printing & Digital Printing Expo

2014-11-24 11:13:05

FESPA 2014

On 2014 November 19 ,2014, 28th FESPA China Screen Printing & Digital Printing Expo / China International Textile Printing Exhibition and 2014 FESPA Chinese digital printing exhibition opened in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo. In this exhibition,

As professional production of textile dyeing and printing, Baoyu Chemical Co., Ltd in this exhibition for the industry needs, display several special products mainly to machine printed, the machine printed binder , the other is thickener 518A (1.3%- 1.5% dosage).
In this year,Baoyu Chemial Co., Ltd products already meet international standards, The company increased international trade, meet international markets such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the demand for binder and thickeners for textile pigment printing.
There is a lot of Chinese domestic thickener malpractice is dispersed too slow, it is easy to create a post-thickening phenomenon, which led to many producers dare not, for fear of generating status plug screen, so these manufacturers on the use of some products, but Baoyu Chemical Co., Ltd products get a lot of foreign customers. Baoyu Chemical Co., Ltd thickener in comparison with foreign products found Baoyu thickener disperse faster, but the effect is not reduced; on the other hand, thickener printing color than normal growth rate thickeners better and better value for money, can reduce printing costs, which is a qualitative leap.
In this exhibition, Baoyu Chemical Co., aims to bring new products to customers, to the international market, and hope in the future to get more positive feedback. Baoyu Chemial Co., Ltd will also continue to launch a good product, and take full advantage of the Internet to provide customers with quality services.