Thickener 528A Effect Test
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Who are we?

We have more than 18 years experience dedicating to textile dyeing & printing chemicals,with the name"Binder Expert" & "Thickener Manufacturer".Our product is h...

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What is our motto?

We establish credibility firstly, then sell products. We make friends firstly, then do business....

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What products?

Our products series:dedicating to synthetic thickener and synthetic binder mainly--
Thickener 528A (1.3%- 1.5% usage,high speed spread),
Thickener 828A (synthet...

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What after sale service and guarantee?

We are pleased to help arrange the shipment, clear custom in your local port.
After sale,one drum sample of mass order is kept for one month to inspect the qu...

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What advantage?

We have 18 years ISO 9001 quality system experience for synthetic thickener and binder, providing high and consistency quality with international brand wide re...

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