Thickener 528A Effect Test
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Dye & Chem Exhibition in Bangladesh

2018-08-23 11:00:47

Bangladesh Dye + Chem- Baoyu .jpgBangladesh Dye + Chem- Baoyu .jpg

 Dear Bangladesh people, enthusiastic Bangladesh customer, lovely Bangladesh Friend,


Thanks for giving me such a great memory and harvest during the business travel in Dhaka, Bangladesh for 28th Dye +Chem Exhibition. We meet so many manufacturers and traders, giving all of our samples of Thickener 528A, Thickener 528B, Thickener 528C, Reactive Printing Thickener 828A, Binder V-60, Binder V-38 , Binder T-38.


Thickener 528A , Thickener 528B ,Thickener 528C

1. For pigment printing.

2. Super fast disperse speed. Excellent thickening effect.

3. Higher color yield than ordinary thickener to reduce the production cost.

4.Super soft hand touch, no screen clot, no white strip appeared.

5. No precipitate whining half a year.

6. APEO free, NPEO ,Phthalates, heavy metal , AZO can match EU' ECO standard.



Reactive Printing Thickener 828A

1. It’s a thickener for the printing of reactive dyes, and is a kind of poly acrylic acid sodium salt compound

2.Very good self- thickening ability, suited for reactive printing on cotton, rayon , knitted fabric.


Binder V-60, Binder V-38, Binder T-38

1. For pigment printing and discharge printing

2. High temperature crosslinking, never screen clot.

3.Good hand touch. Color yield than the other same level binder is higher.

4.Used in nylon fabric, TC fabric, cotton fabric.

5.APEO & NPEO free, DNP, heavy metal, AZO can match EU’s eco standard, with SGS report.


Baoyu Chemical Co., Ltd has ore than 20 years experience dedicating to textile printing chemicals. Our products are hot sale to all over China and south-east countries, such as Bangladesh, South India, Pakistan, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Mayaysia, Burma etc.