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All Chemical Price Increase in China

2018-06-22 11:16:17

 At the end of May, the environmental inspections launched again by the Chinese Central Government. 6 inspection teams were dispatched to revisit 10 of the regions, including Guagndong Province. Lots of factory closures in China for environmental reviews are happening right now. And many factories are experiencing unexpected delays in productions.

China started the BLUE SKY PROTECTION CAMPAIGN on Junee 11 to ensure the effective curb of air pollution in key regions.The inspction is expected to last until April 28th, 2019. 193 companies in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster were exposed as having broken environmental regulations. The ministry handed off all the violations it found to local governments for further investigation and punishments.

By 2020, all chemical industry parks and chemical factories in Huibei Province who are within one kilometer from Yangtze River will be shut down, relocated or renovated. Jiangsu has released a series of measures to calculate the total number of chemical plants along the Yangtze River. Chemical plants that fail to meet the environmental protection standards will be closed down.

The price of our binder and thickener is going up as consequence of the environmental inspections. The whole supply chain has been affected by the inspections.