Thickener 528A Effect Test
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Squeegee operating methods and requirements

1, screen selection of 800 mesh to 1200 mesh. 2, discharge printing powder plus 5% -10%, it must stir until completely decomposed when added discharge printing...

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Flat screen printing common defect analysis and solution

A variety of flat screen printing defects, people put it grouped into several types, distinction in product testing, when according to the phenomenon named. In fact, there is little defect generated repeat, despite the same phenomenon, but is not neces...

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Textile Printing China Exhibition in Guagnzhou (FESPA )

On 21st to 23th Nov, 2016, we will participate Textile Printing China Exhibition in Guangzhou China (FESPA exhibition), that is the most important exhibition for Chinese textile printing market.  Welcome for a visit....

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New world trends in the development of textile auxiliaries (contunited two)

South Asia demand for textile auxiliaries is growing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 4.1%.In 2005 the market will reach 1.02 million tons. ...

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Skyrocketing dye swallowed whose profits ?

The 16th Interdye China Exhibition will be held April 13-15, 2016.The exhibition jointly organized by the China Dyestuff Industry Association, China Dyeing and...

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Baoyu Chemical obtain 2014 Top Ten National Screen Printing Brand Award

July 22, 2015, 2014 screen printing industry brand event awards ceremony in Beijing · Industrial Park. A comprehensive review of the ...

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