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Table Glue A

Table Glue A


Table Glue A is kind of aqueous emulsion is formed by copolymerization of acrylic monomers with low viscosity, high molecular weight. It has excellent surface viscosity of durable films.
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Scope of application
Widely used in textile fabrics, for chemical fiber, Odell, denim, leather and plastic and other printed products, printing to avoid the printing process off the board caused by displacement. Suitable for hand-printed table board cut sheet printing, and other fabrics to repeat the fixed adhesive use.

Properties and advantages
The surface of table plate is sticky for a long time, strong adhesion, good water resistance, not easy to peel off.
The Elliptical machine 180 ℃ high temperature is not easy to return to stick to the cloth. It is also applicable to the table cotton fabric and Odell printing fixed, holding adhesive well, repeated bonding of fixed fabrics will remain fabric impurities, viscosity has declined available water can be cleaned and can be continued to use.

Basic characteristic

Appearance: milky white emulsion.

Solid content: 32%±1

Viscosity: 3000-4000CPS
PH value: 7.5-8.0

Shelf life: 6 month

Use and precautions
Before using the new table skin with coarse sand paper to remove the plasticiser on the table skin, to avoid the plasticiser softening water table glue caused by the phenomenon of return adhesion deglossing. sanding and cleaning directly , then scraping evenly coated on the surface. When applying table glue on a new platform, the thin film thickness has an impact on the adhesion. It is best to repeat the application 2-3 times after each dry surface, for better adhesion!
If the bottom layer of the old table glue is not our company’s table glue, such as different emulsifier systems ,it will cause delamination. Scrape it for the first time, wait for drying , and then repeat and evenly cover it for 2-3 times to avoid delamination and degumming !
When fixing printing on thinner pure cotton fabrics and easily absorbent fabrics, pure water can be added to dilute or an appropriate amount of talcum powder can be added according to the required viscosity of the fabric to reduce adhesion.

Table Glue A is suitable for elliptical machine and hand printed fabrics, and for silicone oil cloth and mercerized cotton fabrics ( not suitable for pure cotton fabrics and umbrella
Due to more varieties of printing fabrics, such as silicone oil cloth, waterproof nylon cloth,
mercerized cotton and other special smooth fabrics, diffifult to bond the fixed fabric, we have a variety of table glues to meet the characteristics of the fabrics required bonding force!

25 kg or 50kg per plastic drum

At room temperature, shelf life is 6 months.

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